MAPS: Methods/Affects/Practices/Sensibilities

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March 1, 2020
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Society for the Study of Affect
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MAPS: Methods/Affects/Practices/Sensibilities
Society for the Study of Affect Conference

September 24-26, 2020

University of Kentucky




This year’s MAPS theme—Methods/Affects/Practices/Sensibilities—is intended to provoke conversations about the widely (and often wildly) divergent modes of affect inquiry. What kinds of maps guide your approaches to research in & through affect? Where and when do the architectures and atmospheres of affect guide and/or disturb the disciplinary formations that generate research trajectories within (and perhaps beyond or outside) your field of specialization? Even more directly, does affect study have a method or methods?


The plenary speakers for #affectMAPS—Mel Chen, Keller Easterling, Jennifer Gabrys, Derek McCormack, and Greg Seigworth—have each addressed these kinds of questions in their work. They’ll bring a few answers and probably a whole host of new troublings.


We encourage direct participation in the creation of our conference’s conversations through the submission of STREAM PROPOSALS.


A stream proposal surfaces a theme within the conference. It identifies and riffs on specific questions raised around our conference theme of methods / affects / practices / sensibilities. Streams can be proposed by individuals or duos.  Successful stream proposers will take an active role as ‘stream organizers,’ working with the conference committee to promote panel submissions to their stream and helping to give shape to the ultimate make-up of their panels.


The issues and engagements that serve as a stream’s central concerns should be clearly framed and conceived in a way that encourages – as much as possible – participation from different disciplines. The stream proposal should include a list of possible topics and sub-topics that would fit within its overall framework. For examples of past streams, please visit the official conference website at


  • Deadline for submission of Conference Stream Proposals: March 01, 2020
  • Conference Streams decided and CFP for Individual Paper Submissions posted: March 15, 2020


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