Books Available for Review for The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics

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June 30, 2020
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The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics
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Below is a current list of books available for review for The Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.  Reviewers should be professors, independent scholars, or professionals who hold a Ph.D. or terminal degree in comics or a field of interest that coincides with the book’s subject matter.  Advanced graduate students are also encouraged to reply. 

Email the Book Review Editor at in order to review a text listed below.  I welcome and encourage ideas on other texts related to comics and graphic novels.  See my website (URL below) for a complete list of books. 

Reviews typically averages 600-1,000 words, follow Chicago Manual Style for any citations, and should include an objective discussion of the book’s topic.  Reviews are peer-reviewed and are usually published first online and may be later published in a physical journal issue. 


  • All New, All Different? A History of Race and the American Superhero by Allan W. Austin and Patrick L. Hamilton
  • Comics and Pop Culture: Adaptation from Panel to Frame edited by Barry Keith Grant and Scott Henderson
  • The Film Photonovel: A Cultural History of Forgotten Adaptations by Jan Baetens
  • Graphic Memories of the Civil Rights Movement: Reframing History in Comics by Jorge J. Santos, Jr. 
  • Holocaust Graphic Narratives: Generation, Trauma & Memory by Victoria Aarons
  • Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War by Wayne Vansant
  • The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams
  • Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics by Frederick Luis Aldama
  • Once Upon a Time in France by Fabien Nury and Sylvian Vallee
  • Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America by Edward King and Joanna Page
  • Reel Latinxs: Representation in U.S. Film & TV by Frederick Louis Aldama and Christopher Gonzalez
  • Serial Selves: identity and Representation in Autobiographical Comics by Frederick Bryn Kohlert
  • Superhero Thought Experiments: Comic Book Philosophy by Chris Gavaler and Nathaniel Goldberg
  • Theology and the Marvel Universe edited by Gregory Stevension
  • Utopia and Dystopia in the Age of Trump: Images from Literature and Visual Arts edited by Barbra Brodman and James E. Down


Contact Information: 

Michele Brittany

Book Review Editor, Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics