NWSA 2020 Panel on Ambivalent Transnationalism: Formal Experiments

deadline for submissions: 
February 23, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Margot Kotler and Sarah Schwartz, CUNY Graduate Center

Transnationalism is both a conservative force, structurally implicated in nationalism and capitalist modernity, and the potential ground for diasporic, mestiza, and cosmopolitan subversions. Within literary study, it operates as both a descriptor diagnosing intertextuality and communication and a methodology for research and remaking periodization.

With these dualities in mind, we’re organizing a panel to consider the poetics and politics of dis/identifying with the Western feminist canon, grounded in the following questions: How can counter-hegemonic theories of the transnational help us reassess feminist references and relations? How do scholars and writers of the global south and its diasporas, revise, remix, or respond to entrenched feminist concepts and genealogies through form? How do formal experiments inform politics and practical feminist methodologies?


We imagine this as a literature-focused panel, but we welcome proposals on theory or critical texts. Areas of particular interest are:

  • Disidentifcation with the western feminist canon

  • Revising the western feminist canon / alternative genealogies

  • “Minor” and underrepresented literatures

  • Self-revision

  • Affect and attachment

  • Unthinking western literary form

  • “Bad” politics 

  • Western & alternative feminist canons in the classroom

  • Transatlantic movement, networks, and circulation


We are looking for one or two presenters to join us. Contact us at mkotler@gradcenter.cuny.edu or sschwartz1@gradcenter.cuny.edu with questions.