CFP Fashion and Material Culture, MPCA/ACA, EXTENDED

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May 15, 2020
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Luxx Mishou, Area Chair/ The Midwest Popular Culture Association/Midwest American Culture Association
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The Midwest Popular Culture Association is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely.  At this point, we intend for the conference to go ahead as planned in October. Please note that the deadline for registration is September 15. In the event that the conference is moved into a virtual setting, postponed, or canceled, we will notify you with how the organization will respond as soon as possible. Please check the MPCA website or follow MPCA on Twitter or Facebook for the latest information.


Fashion and Material Culture, MPCA/ACA

The Fashion and Material Culture area of The Midwest Popular Culture Association/Midwest American Culture Association is now welcoming abstracts, papers, and panel proposals for its 2020 meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 2-4, 2020. 

In Seeing Through Clothes, Anne Hollander writes that “the primary function of …a garment itself …, in the main tradition of Western dress, is to contribute to the making of a self-conscious individual image, an image linked to all other imaginative and idealized visualizations of the human body” (xiv).

As such, fashion and the material goods function as the material barrier between the body and the word, broadcasting identities while simultaneously serving material functions and situating a subject in a particular cultural context. Fashion is idealization and function, individual and cultural, product and production. 

In the breadth of the subject is a world of possibilities, and the MPCA area seeks work that represents the breadth and depth of academic work. All work on Fashion and Material Culture is welcome, from historical treatments to industry examinations to ecocriticism, fan studies to theoretical approaches to queer readings.


 You can submit your abstracts and panels here:

Proposal deadline is May 15, 2020.

All papers and proposals must be submitted through the MPCA website; no emailed submissions will be considered.

Individuals may only submit one paper, and please do not submit the same paper to more than one Area.



Friday-Sunday, 2-4 October 2020

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Westin Minneapolis

Address: Westin Minneapolis: 88 South 6th Street, Minneapolis MN 55402 Phone: (612) 333-4006

Special Notes Regarding Proposal Submissions: (1) AV equipment will be rented from the hotel by the Association. The Association does not provide laptops, cords, or speakers.  (2) If necessary, indicate and submit potential scheduling conflicts along with your proposal. (3) If you wish your presentation to be listed as MACA (rather than MPCA), please include this request with your proposal.

Please plan to attend the entire conference. Panels will run at the following approximate times: Friday 9:00 am-6:00 pm, Saturday 9:00 am -5:30 pm, and Sunday 9:00 am-2:00 pm.  Special events will include game night on Thursday evening, featured speakers and awards ceremony on Friday evening, and a keynote speaker on Saturday evening. These events will be free for conference registrants. Area Chairs are strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting, which this year will be held on Saturday from 12:30-2:00 and will include a lunch.

MEMBERSHIP DUES & REGISTRATION FEES: Membership renewal forms for the 2020 calendar year and 2020 conference registration forms will be available on the website in the coming weeks. All participants must register for the conference.  Registration is $100 for undergraduate students with ID, $150 for reduced rate members (graduate students with ID, retirees, and unemployed), and $180 for regular members. There will be a $15 late fee for registration on-site or postmarked after September 15, 2020. (This fee is waived for residents of countries other than the USA or Canada.) Payment on-site will be by cash, check, or via credit card on Square. To preregister, send a check anytime to Malynnda Johnson, 200 North Seventh Street Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 47809. Make check payable to Midwest Popular Culture Association. A registration-membership form may be printed from our website at <>.

 Day passes will be available for guests of the conference who are not presenting a paper.

A special group rate for a limited block of rooms reserved on a first-come, first-served basis will be secured with the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati. Check for details at the MPCA website.

Attendees are financially responsible for all costs related to their participation in the conference, e.g., transportation, lodging, meals, registration, membership, etc. Graduate students are invited to apply for competitively awarded travel grants from MPCA/MACA. Details on these grants are available here.

Cancellation Policy: If you submit a proposal (or if you accept an invitation to appear on a panel), you are promising to attend the conference if your proposal is accepted and you are promising to pay the conference registration fee, the Association membership fee, and a late fee of $15 if applicable. If your proposal is accepted and you do not attend the conference, it is expected that you will (1) notify all members of your panel, your Area Chair, and the MPCA/MACA Executive Secretary (Malynnda Johnson) of your cancellation; (2) provide such notification as early as possible; (3) arrange to have your paper distributed at the panel; (4) arrange for somebody else to carry out any other duties you may have; and (5) pay your membership and registration fees (plus late fee if applicable). If conditions 1-5 are met, you may file a written request, after the conference, for a refund of half your registration fee. For co-authored papers, all authors are welcome and encouraged to attend, but only one author is required to attend.