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March 15, 2020
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TitanCom 2020
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On the Shoulders of Giants

TitanCon 2020

Belfast, Ireland

August 28-30, 2020

Call for Papers: DEADLINE EXTENDED!!


                In the spirit of deepening and broadening its roots, Titancon 2020 is adding a formal academic track to its programming. The convention began as a collaboration between the Brotherhood Without Banners, who wanted to put on a fan convention for Game of Thrones, the Belfast SF/F society The Other Ones, who wanted to put on an SF/F convention, and Arkham Gaming Centre, who wanted to put on a gaming convention. In keeping with that spirit, our theme “On the Shoulders of Giants” hopes to encourage that spirit of collaboration.

                Submissions on any aspect of the art and literature of the fantastic—Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Comics, Gaming, etc.—are welcome. We particularly encourage papers that focus on the work of our three guests of honor: Jeanette Ng, Jodi Taylor, and Robert J Sawyer. Papers may more generally consider women’s voices and themes of diversity in SF/F. The intersections of SF/F literature and other media, such as television, film, or graphic novels are other areas that might be explored, particularly in light of Robert J Sawyer and George RR Martin. Papers on Game of Thrones could focus on the show, the novels, the intersection of the two, fan reaction, or the importance of the show to Northern Ireland itself. We also welcome papers that focus on SF/F television and film generally. Fan studies and Game studies might consider particularly Irish or SF/F themes. Finally, we would also invite papers that focus particularly on Irish SF/F and Irish or SF/F graphic novels.

Topics may include but are not limited to:


Game of Thrones/GRR Martin


Studies of the guests of Honor:  Robert J. Sawyer

                                               Jeanette Ng

                                               Jodi Taylor


Irish SFF generally


Work on specific Irish writers/artists:      Lord Dunsany

                                                           Jonathan Swift

                                                           Charles Maturin

                                                           Oscar Wilde

                                                           Bram Stoker

                                                           Sheridan Le Fanu

                                                           Bob Shaw

                                                           C. S. Lewis

                                                           Garth Ennis (comics)

                                                           Eoin Colfer

                                                           Ian McDonald

                                                           Anne McCaffrey

                                                           James White

                                                           Cathal Ó Sándair

                                                           Caitlín R. Kiernan

                                                           Johnny Byrne (esp. Dr Who, Space 1999)

                                                           Michael Carroll

                                                           Will Sliney (comics)

                                                           Declan Shalvey (comics)

                                                           Paddy Brennan (comics)

                                                           Oisín McGann (writer/illustrator)

                                                           Maura McHugh (multi-genre, inc. comics)

                                                           Fitz-James O’Brien

                                                           Walt Willis (fan studies)

                                                           Flann O’Brien

                                                           Malachy Coney (comics)

                                                           Davy Francis (comics)

                                                           Jo Zebedee

                                                           Sarah Maria Griffin

                                                           Luke Healy (comics)

                                                           … and many others!

Fandom in/of Ireland

SFF Film and Television 

SFF and Gaming                               



Proposals of 250 to 300 words and a brief 50 word biography of the author should be sent to or by MARCH 15, 2020. Acceptances will be sent by the end of March/early April 2020. Any queries can be sent to the above emails.