The Futurist Inflection of British and American Modernism

deadline for submissions: 
March 13, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Modernist Studies Association

City streets were a primary setting for modernity in Futurist art and literature.  The “Founding Manifesto” depicts a group of young men who, galvanized by the intrusive noises of trams and “hungry automobiles,” are finally able to articulate the principles of the new movement, and, to cite an example from the visual arts, Boccioni’s “The Street Enters the House” was a prominent work in the 1912 Paris and London exhibitions of Futurist painting.  In keeping with this year’s MSA “streets” theme, this panel seeks papers that consider the influence of Futurist art and literature on British and American literary modernism. 

In what ways did British and American modernists embrace the Futurist project?  In what ways did they challenge this project?  Are there instances of both embrace and challenge occurring at once and, if so, how is this tension manifested?

Please send paper proposals of no more than 500 words to by March 13.