Love Beyond the (Hu)man

deadline for submissions: 
March 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Lilith Acadia & Dr. Clare Tebbutt, Trinity College Dublin
contact email: 

 Love Beyond the (Hu)man  

Trinity Long Room Hub Arts & Humanities Research Institute

Dublin, Ireland | 26 June, 2020


Donna Haraway and her tree snails, Alice Walker and Marley,

Lotte Laserstein’s “Self-portrait with a cat,” Lazi’s crocodile…

This multidisciplinary conference on lesbians* and their pets* draws inspiration from women* (all terms inclusively defined) from history, literature, art, and theory whose relationships with non-human animals impacted their lives and love.

What roles do non-humans play in Sapphic stories? How might queer women’s relationships with non-human animals generate knowledge, impact other identities such as class and race, serve as a pretext to veil same-sex relationships, appear as a literary / musical / filmic / artistic trope, produce a lesbian aesthetic, or suggest lesbian futurity? We wonder also about the questions you may be asking, and look forward to hearing the stories that interest you!

Submissions may address these or other topics, taking the form of 15-20 minute talks (engaging discussion), workshops (may be longer), conversations, performances, or another form you suggest. We encourage pre-circulating papers or notes,
and welcome artistic submissions.

Please send 200–300 word abstracts (or requests to attend) to the conference organisers, Dr. Lilith Acadia & Dr. Clare Tebbutt of Trinity College Dublin, via the conference email ( by 31 March, 2020. Please indicate any interest in contributing your written or artistic work to an anthology.