Digital Methodology in the Linguistic Study of Literature: Practice

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March 23, 2020
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MLA Annual Conv 2021 Linguistics and Literature Forum Session
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Digital Methodology in the Linguistic Study of Literature: Practice

Linguistics and Literature Forum Session 2

MLA 2021 Annual Convention, Toronto, Jan 7-10

Digital tools have become increasingly more important in the linguistic study of literature; for instance, they allow us to streamline much of our work. In what ways have digital methods made your work easier or more efficient? Do some tools lend themselves better to particular problems? What best practices have scholars found as they manage programs and data?

We invite papers that consider literary linguistics in the digital age, focusing on what scholars do, practically speaking. Presentations might demonstration advantages of particular data visualization tools like Tableau; discuss best practices for collecting, storing, and sorting corpus data; explain strategies for annotation techniques in part-of-speech taggers and concordances like AntConc; discuss the ways scholars disseminate findings using open source repositories or presentation tools like Prezi; consider the ways in which researchers collaborate online using video, Google cloud programs, or project management tools like Trello. These are just a few possible approaches to the panel. We welcome other topics and avenues. 

Please submit your 200-word abstract and C.V. to Carly Overfelt at by March 23.