VERGE STUDIES IN GLOBAL ASIAS: Issue 8.2 - Visualizing Asias: Interventions in Asian and Asian Diasporic Art

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May 1, 2021
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Issue 8.2- Visualizing Asias: Interventions inAsian and Asian Diasporic Art

Edited by Laura Kina (DePaul University) and Chang Tan (Penn State)

Deadline May 1, 2021 |

How does Asian and Asian diasporic art position itself in global, local, and transnational contexts in a post-identity-politics age when the concept of “Asian-ness” has been thoroughly deconstructed? How are these newly carved positions reflected in Asian and Asian diasporic art exhibitions, archives, and collecting? How do art practices, and the academic discipline of art history, allow us to visualize “Asias” anew as a multitude brought together by what individuals choose to do, instead of by what they are? How might shifting attention from identity to enactment underscore what Asian and Asian diasporic art stands for and intervene in how this art has been understood and/or conceptualized?

This special issue invites artists, curators, and scholars to envision and examine the flows, convergences, alliances, borders, and resistances of Asian and Asian diasporic art in terms of intervention. We interpret intervention in two ways. Drawing on an outward-facing definition of the term, we ask: what is the agency of artworks and projects in the world beyond art institutions? How does art tackle the entropic and the quotidian of its specific locality? How do artists, as individuals as well as collectives, create bonds and negotiate confrontations with communities? Concomitantly, we are also interested in the inward possibilities of intervention, asking contributors to consider how Asian and Asian diasporic art intervenes in the discipline of art history as well as contemporary art practices, instead of merely adding a new territory to the existing map of world art. 

We invite articles, artworks and curatorial projects addressing issues that are at the front edge of the arts and humanities—such as transnational feminisms and queer practices, transpacific studies, ecocriticism, and digital humanities—through the means of the visual and the performative. Theoretical explorations on the shifting grounds of the discipline are also welcome.

 Essays (between 6,000-10,000 words) and abstracts (125 words) should be submitted electronically to and prepared according to the author-date + bibliography format of the Chicago Manual of Style. See section 2.38 of the University of Minnesota Press style guide or chapter 15 of the Chicago Manual of Style Online for additional formatting information.

Authors' names should not appear on manuscripts; instead, please include a separate document with the author's name, address, institutional affiliations, and the title of the article with your electronic submission. Authors should not refer to themselves in the first person in the submitted text or notes if such references would identify them; any necessary references to the author's previous work, for example, should be in the third person.

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2021

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