Latina/o cultural productions as provocation: breaking rules, making texts.

deadline for submissions: 
June 10, 2020
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SAMLA 2020
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Latina/o Cultural Productions as Provocation: Breaking Rules, Making Texts.


The cultural production of US Latina/os, as any other so-called minority discourse, can be analyzed as defiant voices that aim to provoke dialogue with the hegemonic discourse and the mainstream culture. As such, these discourses can be more or less combative in their struggle to break and resist the rules imposed by the status quo.

This panel welcomes submissions in English or Spanish on any aspect of Latina/o cultural products (literature, fashion, film and visual arts, etc.) that aim to contest hegemony, including but not limited to:

  • Building a minority consciousness
  • Subverting the status quo with regards to gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status
  • Providing a subaltern perspective

Abstracts addressing the SAMLA 92 conference theme ( are especially welcome. By June 10, please submit an abstract of 200-250 words, a brief bio, and any A/V requests to Ignacio Rodeño, The University of Alabama, at