House Styles: Pulps, Periodicals, Publishing

deadline for submissions: 
March 13, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Alec Pollak
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We seek papers for a panel at this year's Modernist Studies Assocation annual meeting (Brooklyn, NY, October 22-25) entitled "House Styles: Pulp, Periodicals, Publishing."  From the little magazines that launched a slew of modernist authors' careers to the grassroots periodicals and zines of the 1970s–80s that reintroduced forgotten or out-of-print writings, periodicals have consistently served as counter- and sub-cultural venues for literary production. This panel will consider the intersections between print cultural forms, mechanisms of dissemination, and the constitution of evolving twentieth-century literary canons and tastes. We welcome work on modernist and mid-century print cultures (periodicals, pulps, and beyond); the relation between public/“lay” consumption of mass-cultural forms and the institutionalization of texts as literary art; and the print processes that underlie institutional endorsement of literary genres, epochs, and tastes.
Please send 250-300 word abstracts and a brief bio to Alec Pollak ( by March 13th.