South Asia and Its Diaspora, RMMLA 2020 Boulder, Colorado

deadline for submissions: 
April 15, 2020
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Rocky Mountain Modern Languages Association
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RFP - South Asia and Its Diaspora, Creative WorkSouth Asia is well known for its enormous creative output in terms of fiction. We invite creative writers to submit short fiction (not more than 3000 words) to be read as part of a panel that represents the theme of identity. Selections from a larger work that speaks directly to some aspect of identity specific to the region, or a stand-alone short piece are welcome. Please note that due to time constraints, each author will be given no more than 20 minutes to read their work. RFP - South Asia and Its Diaspora, Critical AnalysisWe invite papers on the broad theme of how cultural texts deal with nationalism in the twenty first century. Papers should reflect the theme closely, including readings of those works that are produced in the current century, but may be retrospective in their theme. That is, any given work might be set in another era, and represent specific engagements with nationalism. Readings might approach texts from formal, rhetorical, or symbolic perspectives, and should be grounded in theories of form and genre. For example, if selecting a film, film theory should inform the analysis of nationalism as represented by/in the film. Papers should be no longer than 2500 words in length to allow for about twenty minutes of presentation. The deadline for both panels is April, 15, 2020 11:59pm PST. Please send abstracts to, or email with any questions. Conference details at: