Interrogating Queer Rebelliousness: What, What, Where, When, Why, How?

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June 15, 2020
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SAMLA - South Atlantic Modern Language Association - Jacksonville, Florida November 13-15 2020
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This year's SAMLA theme, "Scandal! Literature and Provocation: Breaking Rules, Making Texts," asks us to consider how cultural texts challenge the establishment. From Aristophanes’s inclusive view of same-sex attraction in Plato's Symposium to the seventeenth-century memoirs of the transgender Spanish convent girl-cum-conquistador Catalina de Erauso and the fractured coming out narratives of the 2016 film Moonlight, discussions about queer identities have long been provocative. This year’s Queer Studies panel(s) welcomes submissions on research projects that explore how and why queer identities are seen as radical, rebellious, and revolutionary.

How do queer characters in literature, film, and video games serve as a lifeline for readers, viewers, and gamers? How does queerness threaten the capitalist elite and reproductive futurity? Why are discussions of queer identity censored by schools and public libraries? Why are drag queen story hours controversial? How is the public realm threatened by the inclusion of queer individuals and groups? How does heterosexual identity fit into the queer spectrum? What language do historians, teachers, and governments use to discuss the queer identity of historic figures such as President James Buchanan, Walt Whitman, Willa Cather, Langston Hughes, Bayard Rustin, Sylvia Rivera, etc. in biographies, textbooks, lesson plans, websites, and signage at libraries, museum, historic sites, and public monuments?

The Queer Studies group at SAMLA employs the term “queer” as an inclusive noun, adjective, and verb that highlights intersections between sexuality, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, education, economic background, political affiliation, and temporal and spatial realities.

Please send an abstract 200-300 words in length along with a one-paragraph academic bio and A/V requests to by June 15.

SAMLA 2020 will be held in Jacksonville, Florida, November 13-15.