Adaptations in Contemporary Scandinavian Screen Cultures

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May 15, 2020
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Journal of Scandinavian Cinema

Adaptations in Contemporary Scandinavian Screen Cultures


Adaptations have played a significant role throughout the history of Nordic cinema, from Victor Sjöström's reverential silent adaptations to Aki Kaurismäki’s quirky take on world literature. To this day, adaptations remain of utmost importance to Nordic film and television, as the multi-media phenomenon of Nordic noir conclusively establishes. Both in Sweden and internationally, readers have followed Lisbeth Salander and Kurt Wallander from book to screen and back again. The scope and role of adaptation in the Nordic region is nevertheless far from limited to crime fiction. In this special issue we therefore wish to broaden the scope by looking at other important aspects of Nordic adaptation. In particular, we encourage contributions on the following topics and approaches:


  • Current trends among works that lend themselves to successful adaptations 
  • Close analysis of such successful adaptations (in terms of aesthetics and/or marketing), or conversely, adaptations that 'failed' for any reason
  • Differences in marketing strategies for prestigious vs popular works as well as the interaction of film and literary marketing
  • Adaptations of children’s literature, including reviving canonized children’s books for inter-generational audiences
  • Genre adaptations other than crime/noir
  • Adaptations of works depicting key figures/events/transformations in national history, including adaptations and appropriations of the old Norse-Icelandic  literary heritage
  • International film and television adaptations of Nordic literature - and vice versa, Nordic adaptations of international works
  • Adaptations of non-literary sources such as comics, radio programmes and video games
  • Adaptations of feature films for the theatre and other non-screen media

We also ask contributors to consider recent directions in adaptation theory and scholarship and the increasingly fruitful dialogue with scholarship concerning intertextuality, transmediality, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality and gender.

Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words for Short subjects (2500 words) or Feature articles (5-6000 words) before 15 May 2020 to the Special Issue editors, Bjorn Nordfjord (, Sophie Wennerscheid ( and Anders Marklund (, together with a brief bio and select references. Article submissions are due on 1 October 2020. Only submissions that follow Journal of Scandinavian Cinema’s Notes for contributors will be considered.