“The Cultures and Subcultures created and inspired by Margaret Atwood” MMLA, Milwaukee, WI, November 5 – 8

deadline for submissions: 
May 31, 2020
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Margaret Atwood Society
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Organizer: Denise Du Vernay, Loyola University Chicago

In all of Atwood’s works of fiction, cultures are created (usually with their own vernacular) whether they are the post-apocalyptic survivors of the Maddaddam trilogy, the mean girls of Cat’s Eye, the academics of The Edible Woman and Life Before Man, or Mayday in The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments, Atwood’s works are rife with cultures of collectivity.

Additionally, cultures created outside Atwood’s works are inspired by these works (and even to an extent inspired by Atwood herself), such as the handmaids who appear at statehouses to protest limitations on women’s reproductive rights (not to mention handmaids who may appear at the occasional ill-conceived theme party or bridal photo shoot); the numerous ballet, opera, television, and stage adaptations of Atwood’s works which have created multiple extant storylines of various works; and Atwood-focused book clubs, sessions and panels at academic conferences, and even the Margaret Atwood Society itself, all of which are concerned with Atwood and her works and have the specialized vernacular and rules one would find in any subculture.

This panel seeks to delve into how Atwood’s works derive and create meaning through subcultures, collective acts found inside and outside the works themselves, or the formation of communities. Papers that discuss how this Atwoodian moment is of particular importance will be of particular interest.

Please email your submissions to Denise Du Vernay at dduvernay@luc.edu by May 31, 2020.