Beyond Equity Into Justice: Bringing Theory Into Practice at Community Colleges

deadline for submissions: 
March 30, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Sobia Khan and Kendra Unruh

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS FOR A PROPOSED EDITED COLLECTION. We are seeking submissions for a collection of essays titled Beyond Equity Into Justice: Bringing Theory Into Practice at Community Colleges. This edited volume addresses how our changing attitudes towards serving all student populations has shifted the pedagogical and relational approaches used by faculty, staff, and administrators at community colleges. Attitudes about equality, equity, and justice are more intentional and integral to the evolution of the work we do as educators. Dr. Diane K. Troyer, Ph.D., educational consultant and leadership coach for Achieving the Dream states, “The mission of America’s community colleges is focused on three areas of commitment: access, responsiveness to community need, and equity.” The editors of this volume propose that the work of community colleges has expanded to include going beyond equity into providing a true barrier-free learning environment for students, one that is attuned to justice. Though the popular internet meme that illustrates the difference between equality and equity has become a popular mantra of educational institutions nationally, educators have been slow to adopt the evolution of the meme to include justice or liberation. Often, scholarship about social and educational inequities and oppression remain theoretical and housed in the university tier of our stratified higher educational system. For busy, overworked community college instructors, staff, and administrators, practical strategies are needed to bring theory into practice.

We seek essays that embrace innovative practices that promote moving beyond equity to justice in our classrooms, colleges, and communities. Specifically, we seek submissions that examine practices that restore justice to students that are “othered” and marginalized. We also invite the submission of essays that discuss innovation, intervention and transformation both inside and outside of the classroom. We seek approaches that are theoretical, anecdotal, and deeply pedagogical.

Essays might address questions such as the following: How are educators in community colleges bringing opportunities to underserved communities in an effort to be equitable and just under the social justice mission of community colleges? What practices both in and out of the classroom can move community colleges practices beyond equity and into justice and liberation? How do we turn classrooms into sites of productivity and innovation, “collaboration and contestation” (Bhabha), belonging and safe spaces? What does transformative justice mean to educators, students, and the community? 

Possible essay topics include, but are not limited to:

·      Classroom and teaching strategies and practices

·      Student support services

·      Academic interventions

·      Curriculum choices and development

·      Restorative and healing practices

·      Wrap-around services

·      Activism and global perspectives

·      Collaborations and solidarities

·      Community-building and liberation

·      Transformative Justice

·      Student Perspectives

If interested, please email a brief biography and 500-word abstract to Sobia Khan and Kendra Unruh at by March 31, 2020. In the subject line for the email, please write “Proposal for Beyond Equity.” The deadline for 5000-7000 word essays from accepted abstracts will be September 7, 2020.Thank you in advance for your interest.

Contact Info:

Kendra Unruh, Ph.D.

English Professor

Richland College

Dallas, TX


Sobia Khan, Ph.D.

Dean for Academic Success

San Antonio College

San Antonio, TX