RMMLA 2020 Chinese Poetry Session I & II

deadline for submissions: 
March 31, 2020
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Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Annual Convention
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Location: Colorado, United StatesSubject Fields: Literature, Chinese History / Studies, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Film and Film History

Oct 8-10, 2020

Boulder, Colorado


Session title: Chinese Poetry Session I

Shiyi诗意: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Poetry 



Chinese poetry is neither just an independent literary genre, nor is it simply paper-bound lines. Instead, poetry is constantly represented, transformed, and rearticulated in other literary genres and arts as well as in quotidian. Focusing on a pragmatic shift in the scholarship of Chinese poetry from reading poems per seto the study of shiyi(poetic imagery, flavor or mood) in fiction, theater, film, visual arts, dance, performance, and music, this panel invites paper submissions that conduct interdisciplinary research of premodern and modern Chinese poems. Questions that are of interest include: What do we mean by shiyiin various forms of art and/or in daily life? How is shiyi translatable between different artistic genres? How does shiyi, as an aesthetic, work to develop and limit artistic expressions? We welcome papers from various disciplines, including but not limited to comparative literature, film studies, theatre, visual arts, dance, performance, music, and architecture.


Suggested topics:

  • The representation of Chinese poetry in other artistic genres and disciplines
  • Methods in interdisciplinary studies of poetry and poetics
  • New genres/ new forms
  • Shiyiand quotidian
  • The social production of shiyi
  • Poets as interdisciplinary artists
  • Writing, reading, and performance
  • The limits of shiyi



Session title: Chinese Poetry Session II 

Personal Approaches to Chinese Poetry


By its very nature, poetry has an emotional, intellectual, and/or aesthetic appeal. Scholars, connoisseurs, and fans of poetry presumably all have favorite poems for various reasons. 

This panel asks presenters to choose one such poem of any time period and length. Aside from presenting/reading the poem, the poem should be framed by the reasons for the choice. These reasons may be ideological, aesthetic, inspirational, historical, etc., but above all personal, as in some aspect of the poem speaks to them in some personal way.



Please submit an abstract in English of no more than 250 words and a brief biography to rmmla2020chinesepoetry@gmail.com by March 31st, 2020. 


Contact Names:

Jingsheng Zhang, jz1@email.sc.edu

Michael Day, mday@nu.edu