The Collected and Collective Bob Dylan: Later Work and Future Pasts

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April 20, 2020
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Garin Cycholl / Indiana University Northwest
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Special Session at Midwest MLA at Milwaukee, WI (Nov 5 - 8, 2020):

This panel focuses on the later works produced by Bob Dylan to explore the range of perspectives, styles, and influences that define the poet-musician’s work.  Questions for consideration within the panel include: Is it possible to “collect” Dylan or to refer to a “late Dylan?”  Is there a point of resolution to the “never-ending tour” or does it simply exist as a string or list of dates, spaces, and “abandoned masques?”  What personae are collected within Dylan’s work in music, film, and media, particularly as these figures “create” a collectivized sense of “audience” for the rock-and-roller?  Is the “late Dylan” a persona that draws his listeners into a wider unity with earlier adopted “masks” or do these personae continue to fragment his listeners’ grasp of the artist and his work?  Is it possible to see these later works within a “collected form,” as Dylan quotes, recycles, and outright steals among these albums?  As the poet-singer calls the tune, how are listeners “along for an apocalyptic ride?”


Please send a one-page abstract of proposed paper before Monday, April 20, to Garin Cycholl at .