"Ri/sentimenti". Emotions and language

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June 15, 2020
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Archives of emotions
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The next issue of 'Archives of emotions' aims to explore the interactions between language and emotions. By 'language', we generally mean a system of signs. Since ancient times, rhetorical strategies of emotions have been known and practiced. We will, therefore, ask ourselves how literature, in each age, manages to represent, simulate, reproduce and arouse, through written and oral language, the experience of emotion and its cognitive, physiological and psychological bases. Possible subjects for the essays collected in this issue could also concern the performing and visual arts, dance, cinema, and theater and their respective languages. If art and literature are the areas in which the interactions between the language and the emotional component are exercised in all their richness and potential, other languages too, such as those of politics, science, economics and historiography, have an emotional component alongside a more rational one: therefore, these other languages too can be analysed too.

Theoretical and general essays are invited, as well as contributions focused on case studies. The Editorial Board will consider proposals that will focus on the following main thematic areas:

  • the linguistic expression of the phenomenology of emotions in literary discourse;
  • interactions between emotional processes and rhetorical and communicative strategies;
  • the language of emotions in science and scientific discourse;
  • verbal and non-verbal languages (also in performing practices) and representation of emotions;
  • language and definitions: passions, affects, emotions, feelings between scientific discourse and literary language.

Proposals in a language other than Italian (English, French, Spanish, German) are appreciated and encouraged. 

Deadline for submission: June, 15 2020

Expected release: July 2020

For instructions about submitting a proposal, please click herehttp://archivi-emozioni.it/index.php/rivista/about/submissions