Extended Deadline: Call for Abstracts: Theatre in a Post-Truth World: Texts, Politics, and Performance

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May 2, 2020
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William C. Boles
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[When this call for abstracts was submitted two months ago, we all lived in a different world.  Recognizing that academic lives have been disrupted as we have adjusted to online teaching as well as other responsibilities at home, I have extended the deadline for abstracts.  I also realize that many scholars have not been able to go to their offices or institution library during this time and consult materials.  If this is your situation and you still want to submit an abstract, please send me an email and I will work with you.]


In 2016 Oxford Dictionaries named ”Post-truth” as the international word of the year, but as Lee McIntyre argues in his book Post-Truth (MIT, 2018), the concept of post-truth is not a new one, as he cites the vociferous arguments made against the cancer causing effects of cigarettes, the assault on vaccinations, and other significant moments of push-back that have occurred when the facts will out. 

However, in the 2010s the omnipresent nature of post-truth arguments has accelerated and is now a daily part of our lives (on international, national, regional, and communal scales).

The theatre, as one might imagine, has noticed and has responded.

While my thoughts instantly are drawn to the Post-Truth world crafted by the Trump Administration and various American theatrical reactions over the past few years, the volume of edited essays aims to be inclusive in considering how theatres, playwrights, and performers around the world have responded to the rise of Post-truth in their own communities and nations. 

The volume will consider abstracts that engage with the nature of theatricalizing public events, meetings, press conferences, protests, marches, and the like when the aim is to provide a counter presentation to the facts.

Interviews with Post-truth performers and writers will also be considered.



Bloomsbury Press has expressed an interest in this edited volume.  

If the press finds the proposal compelling, then chapters will be required six months after the press’s acceptance.  (Tentatively:  January 2021 due date.)

Please send abstract of 300 words.  On the abstract please include your name, affiliation, address, e-mail address, and phone number.

Chapter length: 3000 to 6000 words

Any questions, please contact William Boles at wboles@rollins.edu.