Filmmakers’ theory and poetics – an (a new) approach to film theory? Call for book chapters

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May 31, 2020
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Manuela Penafria / University of Beira Interior (UBI, Portugal)
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Filmmakers’ theory and poetics – an (a new) approach to film theory?

Call for book chapters


Filmmakers’ reflection about their own artwork or about cinema has been constant in the history of the seventh art. The main goal of this book is to help bridge the gap between film theory and the filmmakers’ thought and poetics, therefore creating a new theoretical framework. Filmmakers have had an understanding of both their own artwork and cinema that the more traditional, academic theory cannot put aside. On the one hand, we consider that the most important sources to develop and expand film theory are direct ones, namely the films, interviews, books, texts, manifestos written by the filmmakers themselves. On the other hand, "filmmaker" is a concept that covers not only the director but also everyone involved in the filmmaking process with original and stimulating reflections on cinema, that is, with pertinent and valuable contributions to the cinematic art, like actors, screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, etc. Furthermore, we intend to find a balance in bibliographic references that should include scientific scopus references as much as interviews, statements or any written texts by the filmmakers. Likewise, filmography is intended to bring a fundamental support to the rethinking of film theory in the sense that a filmmaker’s filmography should include unfinished films.


The proposition of the study of cinema by integrating the filmmakers’ thought and poetics in film theory, is an alternative to the support that film theory has sought in other disciplinary areas such as Psychoanalysis and more recently in Cognitive theory. Above all, we intend to stimulate a theoretical study that is deeply rooted in the filmmakers’ thought and poetics. Similarly, we intend to deepen existing research about the filmmakers and highlight reflections that bring filmmakers to the center of film’s theory, that is, filmmaker’s though and poetics should be put in dialogue with concepts and themes central to film theory. Summing up we intend to revisit film theory.


Suggested topics:


- methodology(s) for a film theory based on filmmakers’ thought and poetics

- concepts of the filmmakers that contribute to the discussion of film theory themes

- filmmakers’ relationship with the spectator

- the way filmmakers influence each other

- the creative process of the filmmakers

- filmmakers' manifestos

- filmmakers’ thought and its social and political context

- reviewing a filmography, including both finished and unfinished films


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The editors have already establish contact with a major publisher in film studies for the publication of this book.

The submission has two phases

First phase: book chapter proposal, send name, filiation, brief cv, book chapter’s title, abstract (400 words), keywords (3 to 5), bibliographic references. Deadline: may 31st 2020.

Second phase: editors invite authors from the previous phase to send full written chapter. Deadline August 31st 2020.


Manuela Penafria (University of Beira Interior, Labcom Research Center (UBI), Portugal), 
André Rui Graça (Centre of 20th Century Interdisciplinary Studies (CEIS20), Portugal), 
Eduardo Tulio Baggio (Paraná State University (UNESPAR), Brasil)

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