Song of an Ancient Earth - Symposium and Exposition

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August 31, 2020
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The OTS Foundation for Neolithic Studies
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SONG of an ANCIENT EARTH - Advance Call for Papers and Proposals

Celebrating ancient and indigenous cultural traditions of sound in ritual and ceremonial use, including the latest scientific research in Archaeoacoustics.  Song of an Ancient Earth will be an international  "two-roomed", dual-faceted event, to unfold on the gulf coast of Florida somewhere between Tampa and Sarasota, this autumn or as soon thereafter as it is deemed safe to gather.  

Three international multi-disciplinary conferences have revealed that many, if not most, ancient ceremonial and ritual spaces encompassed an element of attention to sound.  With a far closer relationship to the planet than we have, ancient people lived in tune with it, just as other indigenous people about whose traditions we know much more. 

  •   Let's focus on recovering an aural connection with the natural world that has been drowned out by time and technological advancement.
  •   Let's collect wisdom and folk practices from people who have kept ancient traditions alive.
  •   Let's explore new sound therapies for today.
  • What was likely ceremonial and liturgical sound in ancient societies that lived close to the earth?
  • What makes sacred sound special to a deity or target audience (earthly or heavenly, ancestors, etc.)?
  • How does music/sound function as an instrument of social identity?

At this time, advance submissions are invited for:

1.) the symposium, which will be standard presentation and papers for publication, or

2.) the exposition, which will be open to the public and conducted in more of a demonstration format.   (Exposition will include experiential installation featuring research from Malta's Neolithic Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum, as seen on The History Channel.)

Submission does not bind authors in any way, but permits the organizers to shape the scope before cementing venues, etc.  If you're not sure which format is right for you, send your abstract anyway and we'll work with you to figure it out as we go along.  Due to world health uncertainties, the exact "where and when" are still going to need to wait.  We will stay in touch with you by email as things develop.

 ADVANCE ​ABSTRACTS AND EXPO PROPOSALS - ​no more than 250 - 300 words, please

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