Annotated Bibliographies: Afrofuturism and The Black Fantastic

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Third Stone
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Third Stone, a journal devoted to Afrofuturism and its forms, seeks submissions to build a comprehensive annotated bibliography of source material on the Black fantastic, including traditional print sources (books, magazines, journal articles, newspapers, and reviews) and digital media (audio, video, film, and websites). Entries should be approximately 750 to 1000 words in length, featuring a brief summary of the source, an analysis of its significant concepts and themes, a clear explanation of the Afrofuturist elements within the work, and a brief reflection where appropriate on intersections with other source material with which the author is familiar. To submit, click here.  Here's an example.

The call is ongoing, no specific deadline.