Women in French Panel at SAMLA Conference (November 13-15, 2020)

deadline for submissions: 
July 15, 2020
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SAMLA / Women in French
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This panel is one of five Women in French sessions at the 2020 South Atlantic Modern Language Association annual conference, taking place this year in Jacksonville, Florida from November 13-15.


Presenters must be current members of Women in French and the South Atlantic Modern Language Association.


Making Art, Breaking Rules: Gender-Bending, “Genre-Bending,”  by French and Francophone Women Writers


In French and Francophone societies, where men have historically dominated the arts, a woman daring to assert her own voice is already in itself an act of rebellion. On the one hand, by entering the literary and artistic landscape, women writers and artists transgress society’s expectations of their roles in the domestic sphere as only mothers, wives, and obedient daughters. On the other hand, by taking up the pen, women directly challenge artistic traditions dominated by men, or enter into forbidden territories. This panel will examine how French and Francophone women authors play with gender-bending and “genre-bending” in their works, in their lives, and in their critique of society and the artistic traditions they choose to write in or write back at. Among the questions one may ask are: How do women creators confront the “scandal” of their role as artists?  How do they negotiate scandal and censorship? How do they bend or break the rules of the genres they take on? How do politics inform and influence their works and their identities as women authors? Proposals on French and Francophone literatures, films, and other art forms are welcome. Papers may be in English or French.  Please send 250-word proposals in English or French to Cathy Leung (cleung34@gmail.com) by July, 15, 2020 along with presenter’s academic affiliation, contact information, and A/V requirements.


Chair: Cathy Leung <cleung34@gmail.com>