Cormac McCarthy and Theology

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November 6, 2020
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Integrite: A Journal of Faith and Learning
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Intégrité is a scholarly journal published biannually by the Faith and Learning Committee and the Humanities Division at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Missouri. Published both online ( and in print, it welcomes essays for a special issue (Fall 2021) on “Cormac McCarthy and Theology.” Essays may explore the intersection of Christian theology and Cormac McCarthy’s life, creative writing and its literary adaptation. As a faith and learning journal, Intégrité also invites pedagogical essays that address teaching Christian theology and Cormac McCarthy’s work at faith-based institutions of higher learning.

Possible topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Cormac McCarthy’s childhood Catholicism
  • Faith and doubt in The Sunset Limited
  • Theological themes in the film adaptations of Cormac McCarthy’s fiction
  • Violence, the sacred and theological symbolism
  • Blood Meridian’s Judge Holden as literary preacher
  • Using Cormac McCarthy in church (book clubs, sermons, film series, podcasts)
  • Mythic landscapes, nature as purgatory, environmental justice
  • Gnostic theology in Cormac McCarthy’s southwestern novels
  • Suttree and the clergy
  • Cormac McCarthy’s sacramental aesthetic
  • Mercy and mercilessness in Cormac McCarthy’s worldview
  • God’s absence in Outer Dark
  • Cormac McCarthy’s Bible
  • Morality, apocalypse, and theology on The Road
  • McCarthy’s characters: abandoned prophets, saintly outlaws, and Christ-haunted skeptics
  • Theological anthropology and The Child of God
  • Science, metaphysics, and the Santa Fe Institute

For this issue the journal also welcomes brief reviews of scholarly books published since 2010 that explore topics related to Christian theology, Cormac McCarthy, and pedagogy. Additionally, the journal is interested in poetry inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s literary art.  

Essays should be 15-25 pages in length, and book reviews should be 5-8 pages. For citation style, refer to the current edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. Articles should include in-text citations in parentheses, a list of endnotes (if applicable), and an alphabetical listing of works cited at the end. Proposals and abstracts may be submitted until November 6, 2020. Essays are due no later than March 15, 2021. Please send submissions as Word attachments.