The Covid 19 Pandemic: What this means for a Society, Culture and Nation

deadline for submissions: 
August 21, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Damdama College,Guwahati

Articles in about 4000(four thousand words) are invited from faculties, academicians, scholars and activists for the inaugural issue of a peer reviewed journal called Social Currents. The issue will feature articles on the Covid-19 pandemic and what this means for a society, culture and nation. Have we learnt new lessons or should we go about doing what we always aspire and do-a technocracy irreverent to human history and its complex interlinking with the environment. While doctors and nurses are at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic, are we somehow ignoring the sanitation workers or such men and women who have been traditionally marginalized and do not figure in our ideas of societal growth? At the same time, the journal issue seeks to examine the management of the pandemic, which is as much a matter of spectacle-making of images and specters of marginalization. While India see workers leaving cities that probably never cared for them, as many scholars opine now, their homecoming means that a large workforce is now jobless. Can they go back to work once the situation normalizes? What will this new place be? Or are government measures to fulfill its social commitments, adequate to its promise? 

Contributors may contribute articles on the following subthemes: 

1. Migration and the making of Indian cities. 2. Environment, Society and the futures of the planet.  3. Spectacle, media and Surveillance. 4. Government, Labor and the promise of Capital. 5. Social distancing and quarantine centers. 6. Does India need more R& D for the future? 7. Who is to be blamed for the Covid crisis? 

However, articles that extend the scope of the issue will be welcome. All articles will be peer reviewed and published in the October issue of the Journal. Submissions must include an abstract of about 150 words with three keywords and main articles of 4000 words. All articles should be compliant with APA guidelines and submitted to the following address within 21st August, 2020: 


Social Currents is an interdisciplinary half yearly journal to be published from Damdama College. 

The College is a government of Assam aided institution of higher education offering the first degree course under the University of Gauhati, Assam. 

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