Migration, Humanities, and the Crisis of the Contemporary

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September 30, 2020
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NeMLA 2021 Seminar Panel
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This collaborative, seminar-style panel invites an exploration of aesthetic interventions that respond to urgent concerns of contemporary migration. By analyzing the ways in which literature and the visual, performing, and conceptual arts engage with these issues, the panel interrogates how the humanities respond to the lexical and affective demands posed by the contemporary moment. How have our vocabularies as humanists been altered by discourses around migratory movements? In what ways can humanistic thought reframe ideas of rights, citizenship, sovereignty, and borders in light of present-day crises? This interdisciplinary session is thus concerned with the ethical and political possibilities of the humanities, and asks how humanistic intervention can build knowledge systems and practices that respond more intimately than broader traditions of migration studies.

We invite papers that might help articulate responses to these questions as well as ruptures in historical progression by imagining greater interpretive futures. In circulating our writings beforehand, we hope to create an engaged, generous space for conversation across a wide range of fields from literary studies and art history to film and media theory, and other scholarship dealing with migration in its contemporary forms.

Submit abstracts via the NeMLA site: https://cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18849 

Email arnav_adhikari@brown.edu and/or paulchouchana@fas.harvard.edu with any questions.