S-E-X (A Collective Documentary Drama)

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Catalina Florescu Pace U
contact email: 

This is a call for proposals for people who want to talk about sex from their own perspective. Once the deadline ends (12/31/20), I will select 6-7 proposals and, along with their authors, continue to develop a play about sex that will have a staged reading in New York as well as be used as script where I teach. Furthermore, this play will be offered to drama therapists and/or sex educators to be workshopped with their clients and/or students. 

The play will be developed based on a series of questions that I will share with those selected at a later date. I am ONLY interested in personal accounts that help advance a mature and uninhibited talk about sex

I invite you to send me an abstract of no more than 250 words where you will explain why you are interested in this project AND what aspect from your own personal sex life you will be exploring. 

Topics to keep in mind:

- consensual sex

- rape

- sex after a major surgery/treatment

- sex and sexually transmitted diseases

- sex and immunization 

- sex and fertility

- sex as a minor

- sex as a senior

- sex and upbringing

- abortion/unwanted pregnancy

- sex and eugenics

- sex reassignment operation

- open marriage

- polygamy 

- abstinence 

- sex and status quo

- nuclear vs. non-traditional family

- sexual orientation (hetero/homo/bi/pansexual/etc.)

- sex in times of and/or after corona-virus

- sex and sin(s) (religious & cultural restrictions)

- sex and the Me Too movement

- sex and taboos 

- sex and sex toys


Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list, but it gives those interested an idea about where I will take my docu-play that is, again, based exclusively on personal narratives and liberated from any inhibitions and/or public shaming. I am the coordinator/editor of these stories, but ultimately each one selected will present their story about sex. Once selected we will become a team that uses our time effectively and respectfully. Just a heads-up, I have zero tolerance to anyone who belittles someone's experience, and if you are that kind of person, this is definitely not a project for you. 


Send me a maximum 250-word description of your story and how it resonates with my project. The deadline is by the end of December 2020. Along with your submission, please send me a bio of 150 maximum wordsIf you are not sure how/if you'd like to participate, but are intrigued by this new project, please send me an e-mail at: fflorescu@pace.edu 

This will be an intimate project that is meant to destigmatize and open up the topic of sex and, as such, it has a heavy drama therapy component. LET'S TALK.


About me: Catalina Florina Florescu holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (Medical Humanities and Comparative Theater). She teaches at Pace U in Downtown Manhattan. She is the curator for the New Plays Festival at Jersey City Theater Center whose second edition is titled “Return to Love.” She is working on several projects, one of which is under contract with Routledge, Female Playwrights Intersectionality in Contemporary Romanian Theater. More here: http://www.catalinaflorescu.com/