Teaching and Pedagogy During Crisis: A Roundtable Discussion for the 35th International Conference on Medievalism (“Impossible Playtimes,” 12-14 November 2020, Old Dominion University)

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August 1, 2020
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The Year's Work in Medievalism
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The COVID-19 pivot from face to face to remote or digital instruction affected every teacher and student across the world. This roundtable invites participants to reflect and discuss teaching in the current moment, as well as during the unplanned (February-April) 2020 pivot. 

The roundtable seeks participants from different geographical regions and institutional types to contribute brief (5-10 minute) discussions that will help participants and listeners to reflect on the massive changes to the pedagogical landscape. Participants will be asked to frame their brief discussions by first highlighting their institutional needs and types, with focus on both the strengths and challenges (for student and instructors alike) that they faced; then, participants will be asked to use that context to frame their short reflections on technology, class, race, sexuality, gender, or disability, as well as considering the implications of this brave new world on how we teach and how our students engage or learn. Perspectives from those who teach online and can share how seasoned online students were also significantly impacted by the crisis are greatly appreciated, as well as the perspectives of those who are teaching face to face, hybrid, or online (with less experience and training), depending on the requirements of their universities and public health. 

By 1 August 2020 please send brief abstracts to both Valerie Johnson (vjohnso6@montevallo.edu) and Renée Ward (RWard@lincoln.ac.uk). These abstracts, in addition to describing your talk’s focus, should include your institutional circumstances (type & needs), and the types of classes (face to face, online, hybrid, etc.) you were teaching during the first pivot (February - April)  and anticipate teaching during November 2020. Please Note: Roundtable contributors will also be invited to submit their materials for a cluster on the same topic, which will be published in Issue 35 (2020) of The Year’s Work in Medievalism.

The roundtable is designed to be fully online, to protect the health of participants and audiences, and to include those who are unable to travel. For further information about the 35th International Conference on Medievalism, including discussion of an anticipated move to fully online presentations, please view the CFP:http://call-for-papers.sas.upenn.edu/cfp/2020/05/11/impossible-pastimes-playing-with-in-and-through-the-middle-ages