Special Issue on the Scholar and Poet, Harry Garuba (1958-2020)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2020
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Amatoritsero Ede/ Maple Tree Literary Supplement, MTLS
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Maple Tree Literary Supplement, MTLS – Call for Submission: Special issue on Harry Garuba. 

After the generation of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and John Bekederemo-Clark, Harry Garuba, as a world-renowned scholar and poet in Ibadan where he also led the Thursday group of poets, was at the bridgehead of a new wave of Nigerian Literary culture and scholarship since the 1980s till his passing in February 2020. For over 30 years, he sponsored, mentored, taught, supported and befriended that new generation. Always self-effacing, he never took or sought credit for his intellectual and moral generosity, a palpable example of which was the 1987 poetry anthology, Voices from the Fringe, which he organized and edited. This work is a formal introduction of the third generation of Nigerian writers to the literary world. In the area of scholarship Garuba’s quite but powerful intelligence and erudite influence is widespread. His academic essays are landmarks of rigorous postcolonial enquiry within a global school culture. Garuba inspired and straddled the scholarly, writerly and social worlds of a visionary generation of intellectuals. The Maple Tree Literary Supplement, MTLS, calls for submissions from Garuba’s colleagues, friends and acquaintances – and especially the ‘Thursday Group of poets’ – about his life and work in the form of poetry, essays – scholarly and otherwise –  anecdotes or even prose fiction. These submissions will be published in a forthcoming issue of MTLS and collected into an anthology in the future. Submissions should be sent online through MTLS submissions form at https://www.mtls.ca/issue24/submissions/ or emailed to managingeditor@mtls.ca>. Submission deadline hs been extended to 30  September  2020.


Dr Amatoritsero Ede

Department of English 

Mount Allison University

New Brunswick