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August 31, 2020
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F. Laguna Correa, PhD
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The current Coronavirus pandemic is reshaping¾if not completely redesigning¾human life, from individual privacy to the community-based activities that articulate social life. The enforcement of lockdowns across the globe and laws that force people to wear masks in public have triggered among scholars, artists, musicians, and activists a call for action that frames everyday life through the lens of Coronavirus, while also providing space for the imagination of a future with more justice and creative channels to express our collective individuality. Songs like “Lockdown” by Anderson .Paak and murals referencing the killing of George Floyd place pop culture as one of the most effective cultural weapons to both dissent and bring people together from an aesthetic perspective. This edited volume aims at becoming a reference for the general public and experts regarding the social, political, and aesthetic role of pop culture in times of pandemics. The volume welcomes a wide array of cultural analysis regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic as portrayed in pop culture, but particularly welcomes essays that place pop culture artifacts as aesthetic maneuvers seeking to empower historically disempowered communities across the world. Interested scholars and artists please submit a 200-word abstract to frl10@pitt.edu by August 1st. Completed essays (between 4000-7000 words) will be expected by December 1st. A British publishing house has already expressed interest in the volume.


About the editor: F. Laguna Correa (PhD) has been invited to talk about his research and literary work at various institutions, including Emory University, the University of California, Texas State University, and Duke University. His work focuses on the exploration of subjects ranging from Sonic Modernity to Artificial Intelligence. He’s also an award-winning author of more than twenty five books of fiction and non-fiction.  


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