[DEADLINE EXTENDED] Giant Steps: Coltrane, Space, and Innovation

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September 30, 2020
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Michael A. Antonucci | Northeast Modern Language Association
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Giant Steps: Coltrane, Space, and Innovation

The Savoy Ballroom in New York, Preservation Hall in New Orleans, the intersection of 12th Street and Vine in Kansas City, and the Green Mill on Chicago’s North Side all stand as cradles for jazz tradition.

How does one site those spaces though that have housed jazz innovations, like 1511 North 33rd in Philadelphia, John Coltrane’s Strawberry Mansion?Where are the places that jazz can call home? Improvisations and experimentation certainly, but what spaces and which places make those transitions in the artform, its delivery, and reception?

Dan Wall’s Chili Parlor on Manhattan’s 7th Avenue, Chicago’s Velvet Lounge, and the Camarillo State Hospital in Los Angeles all resonate and amplify Black musical capacity.

Inspired by the listing of the John Coltrane House as an at-risk site on Preservation Pennsylvania’s 2020 roster, this roundtable asks for reconsiderations of jazz and memory’s role in innovative musical forms. We invite conference papers on literary, expressive, and critical engagements with the music, legacy, and experiments of saxophonist John Coltrane and the sonic space they have produced.

Focusing on the spaces and places of jazz innovation, memory, and tradition, we look forward advancing this conversion in Philadelphia.

Send your 350 to 500 word proposal and a brief bio to Michael Antonucci (mantonucci@keene.edu) and Garin Chycholl (gcycholl@iun.edu) by September 30, 2020. Contact us with any questions about the panel