Call for Chapters: Indigenous Research of Land, Self, and Spirit

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2020
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IGI Global
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Call for Chapters: Indigenous Research of Land, Self, and SpiritProposals Submission Deadline: July 31, 2019Full Chapters Due: October 7, 2019Submission Date: January 13, 2020 Submit proposals to Submit full chapter drafts for consideration to Chapters will include current indigenous research across disciplines for critical inquiry of land cultures and/or of the constructs of land as self, land as agency, self, and/or spirt. Researchers using self-as-subject and arts-based research methods would be encouraged to explore recurrent generational implications and ongoing challenges with land dispossession, relocation, reacquisition, governmental influences, and economic impacts to contemporary indigenous land cultures. Land tenure, voice and land dispossession, freedom as ownership, and the culture of self and spiritual development amid land cultures align with the text focus and may include land dispossession as part of the African diaspora, aboriginal communities, First Nations, and Native American communities. Specific chapters are requested from the perspectives of critical, feminist/intersectional, or heuristic perspectives.Recommended Topics

  • Aboriginal studies
  • African diaspora
  • Critical indigenous studies
  • Environmental rights and protection
  • First Nations research
  • Heirs’ property challenges
  • Indigenous arts-based research
  • Indigenous autoethnography
  • Indigenous cultures
  • Feminist indigenous studies
  • Indigenous heuristic inquiry
  • Indigenous storytelling
  • Indigenous Women
  • Land and spirit
  • Land as agency
  • Land curation
  • Landscape as agency
  • Land rights
  • Native American communities
  • Self-as-subject indigenous research