Zooming Along and Writing Digital Presence (Roundtable)

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September 30, 2020
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NeMLA 2021
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Zooming Along and Writing Digital Presence: The Tension of Disclosure and Visibility (Roundtable)

This roundtable seeks to spark open dialogue surrounding the struggle navigating publishing, the job market and digital presence for writers & scholars across disciplines, especially for emerging voices in the academy and in light of the added strain of our current covid-19 crisis times. While the space created in the classroom is a rewarding kind of self-imbued presence, this roundtable encourages a return to the focus on one's scholarship and one's resilience across one's academic work. The commitment to one's teaching is much to be valued, the demands are high, even so the personal stakes in writing itself may not always be recognized or addressed. Many early-career academics, with graduate studies and teaching experience across disciplines, may realistically juggle not only the ordinary duties of any faculty position but also writing in a variety of modes, creative & critical. For those situated in some sense in Women's & Gender Studies, a navigation of positioning within academia may be second-nature. How does one's positioning translate across a variety of modes of writing? What difference of vulnerability may be expected by popular vs. scholarly audiences? How is the level of vulnerability shifting through the covid-19 crisis? How does one approach the speaking of one's story & process differently depending on the platform? Confronting the basic requirements to advance & publish, Q&A may explore some of the following topics: investigating approaches & strategies to philosophy statements & proposals for creative critics, digital presence & e-portfolios for academics, and professional development initiatives for adjunct faculty as well. One might easily feel split apart, while eager to invest and lead new initiatives & committees. How do we actively reclaim our identities, build solidarity and navigate the economy of words? What are the concerns of faculty too for aid, accommodation & mental health support through illness, grief & in writing projects? This platform, as a safe space, seeks a diversity of voices, with the belief that much insight may be gleaned through the application of an intersectional feminist lens and with an attention to queer studies & disability studies.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Global/Diversity Topics
  • Gender & Sexuality 
  • Disability Justice
  • Women of Color Poetics
  • Black Lives Matter & Trans Rights
  • Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration
  • Public Humanities & Non-Profits
  • Digital Presence, Digital Humanities & Media
  • Writing & Publishing

Please submit an abstract of 200 to 250 words describing your proposed seminar paper by September 30th, 2020, to the submission page: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/18875