Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing - Quantum Intelligence

deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Museum of Science Fiction

This is an open call for essays on the topic of “quantum intelligence” for compilation in a collection essays for general publication early next year.

Quantum Intelligence is the convergence of quantum computing and artificial intelligence. The speed of technological development is increasing. Effective management of this acceleration is becoming more difficult to predict despite its growing importance. As the rate of change gains increased momentum, our institutions and processes are struggling to keep pace. Policy, legal, and economic processes are not reacting quickly enough to these changes, let alone preparing effective responses in advance. A key element in these accelerating changes is the coalescing of more rapid changes in other technological areas. For example, advances in materials science, artificial intelligence, and quantum computers are creating new combinations of over-the-horizon technologies. These rapidly advancing technologies continue to introduce other developments leading to unpredictable rearrangements and surprise breakthroughs.

Accordingly, it is difficult to predict the impact of these newly developed technologies on social fabric, economic activity, and the policy/regulatory environment. As artificial intelligence and quantum computers mature and move closer together, research focusing on ethics, privacy, information security, and economics can begin to offer an important understanding of the issues that accompany technological innovations and the disruptions that they may bring with them.

Essays of ~2-10 pages should focus on the social, economic, or regulatory impacts of the technology.

Abstracts submitted for consideration are due on August 31, 2020

Abstract acceptance notifications will be sent on September 30, 2020

Final essays are due on November 30, 2020