Futures of Queer Reproduction (NEMLA, March 2021)

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2020
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Northeast MLA
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As José Esteban Muñoz has argued, the antirelational or antisocial thesis—the polemic against reproduction, the insistence that the figure of the child serves only to promise a collective future that thwarts and forecloses anything not assimilable to heteronormativity—fails to account for modes of futurity that are already legible now, particularly in aesthetic objects that serve as “maps” of concrete utopian thinking. Such maps, historically relational and collectively forged, open spaces for thinking about a future that is not yet here—but also help us locate elements of the utopian that are already present. This panel [roundtable] explores such maps of utopia as they center on queer practices of reproduction—including assisted reproduction technologies and adoption—that conceive of futurity as a queer politics rather than as an inevitable end of heteronormativity. We invite papers that address the ways in which feminist, critical race, and reproductive justice frameworks theorize queer reproduction, adoption, or alternative kinship structures; discussions of literary and cinematic representations of queer reproduction that address how the forms and poetics of such representations focalize a critique of reproductive futurity; or explorations of how queer reproduction might be reconciled with family abolition.


Julia Bloch (University of Pennsylvania)

Gwendolyn Beetham (University of Pennsylvania)


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