Edna O’Brien and the Irish Short Story

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September 15, 2020
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Critical Inquiries Into Irish Studies/ Seton Hall University

Critical Inquiries Into Irish Studies CFP 

An online interdisciplinary journal for students and scholars of Irish literature and culture. 

Volume 2, No. 2: Edna O’Brien and the Irish Short Story 

Edna O’Brien may be best known as a novelist, but she has consistently throughout her long career published collections of short fiction, from A Fanatic Heart (1984) to Saints and Sinners (2011), for which she won the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award in 2011. The short story is such an important genre for the Irish, especially since Joyce. As Frank O'Connor wrote in his influential 1962 study of the genre, The Lonely Voice: “Always in the short story there is this sense of outlawed figures wandering about the fringes of society . . . [and] as a result there is in the short story at its most characteristic something we do not often find in the novel—an intense awareness of human loneliness . . . The novel can still adhere to the classical concept of a civilized society, of man as an animal who lives in a community, . . . but the short story remains by its very nature remote from the community—romantic, individualistic, and intransigent” (18-21). How – as a woman writer – has O’Brien contributed to this tradition of the Irish short story as defined by O’Connor? This CFP solicits papers on any aspect of O’Brien’s short fiction, including issues of genre and influence. 

Email a 350-word abstract by September 15, 2020. Finished essays of between 3000 - 5000 words must be received by December 1, 2020. Submit as a Word document in MLA format electronically to the editors: Dr Martha Carpentier (martha.carpentier@shu.edu) and Dr Elizabeth Redwine (elizabeth.redwine@shu.edu

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