Popular Culture Review - General issue and forthcoming Special Issue!

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Amy M. Green, University of Nevada, Las Vegas




Please visit https://www.unlv.edu/english/popular-culture-review for full submission guidelines. Email Associate Editor Dr. Amy M. Green at popularculturerevieweditor@gmail.com with questions.

Submissions wanted for Popular Culture Review’s forthcoming Special Issue.

The Modern Western – the format of the traditional Western has found new life across popular media formats and we are interested in exploring this further. Recent examples include, but are not limited to, The Last of Us Part II, Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, The Mandalorian, and HBO’s Westworld. Summer 2021 Issue. Submissions needed by June 2021.


We also seek submissions for our general issue, published in February of each year. We publish compelling, well-argued, and well-researched articles on a variety of topics related to popular culture. While film, television, literature, and video games are common popular culture subjects, we wish to broaden the journal’s exploration of popular culture as well. Examples might include regional popular cultures, popular culture and food, popular culture in previous decades or eras, popular culture and social media, popular culture and music, and the like.

Submissions undergo a rigorous peer review process.