A Three-Day International Virtual Conference on Indigenous Studies, 20-22 August 2020

deadline for submissions: 
July 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Cape Comorin Trust

About the Conference

The social exclusion, economic marginalization and cultural subjugation of Indigenous people are pervasive in all regions across the globe due to colonialism and neocolonialism. Even today, Indigenous people continue to struggle to protect their rights to culture, community, heritage, and land. This international conference on Indigenous Studies will allow like-minded researchers, scholars and academicians to explore new avenues in Indigenous Studies. The conference will enable participants to discuss current issues within Indigenous Studies while emphasizing new ways to empower and work collaboratively with Indigenous communities around the world.

Topic Areas 

Aboriginal Australian Studies; Activism, Advocacy, Empowerment, and Resistance; Adivasis Studies; Biocultural Knowledge and Practices; Bioprospecting; Caste Systems; Community Governance, Autonomy, and Independence; Environment, Indigenous People, and Literature; Environmental and Ecological Studies; Ethnic Minority Groups; Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology; Ethnographic Paradigms; Film, Television, and Broadcast Media; Folk Cultures; Food and Culinary Cultures; Gender Studies; Globalization; Indigenous Language Conservation; Indigenous Southeast Asian Studies; Indigenous Studies in Theory and Practice; Literature, Language, and Linguistics; Māori Studies; Media and Communications; Myths and Traditions; Native American and First Nations Studies; Oral and Written Histories; Plants, People, and Literature; Politics, Power, and Ideology; Social and Economic Conditions of Indigenous Communities; Spirituality and Religion; Traditional Ecological and Cultural Knowledge; Traditional Medical Systems; Tribal Studies

 Submission Guidelines

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Abstract- 250 words with 5 Keywords

Full Paper - Minimum 2500 words and maximum 5000 words

Methodology:  MLA 8th or MLA 7th or APA

Paper or Abstract Submission Format: 1. Title of the Article, 2. Name of the Candidate,

      3. Designation, 4. Official Address with Country,    

       5. Contact: Email and Mobile Number




            Last Date of Abstract: 31-07-2020


            Last Date of Full Paper: 10-08-2020


            Last Date for Registration: 12-08-2020


 Send your registration confirmation: capecomorinconference@gmail.com


Indian Paper Presentation Registration Fee:


Faculty/Academician: 1000 INR

            Research Scholars: 800 INR


(E-Abstract Proceedings with ISBN, Printable E-Certificate, Peer Reviewed Journal Publication)


Foreign Paper Presentation Registration Fee:


Faculty/Academician: 25 USD

            Research Scholars– 20 USD


(E-Abstract Proceedings with ISBN, Printable E-Certificate, Peer Reviewed Journal Publication)


Participants only

Indian Participants- 500 INR

Foreign Participants – 10 USD

Address for Correspondence


Dr. R. S. Regin Silvest


Cape Comorin Trust

Tamilnadu, India

Email: capecomorinconference@gmail.com

Mobile: +91 9442818648