deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2020
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THE TEXT (ISSN: 2581-9526)

We live in a deeply interconnected world. The set of processes involved in bringing about global interconnectedness and the effect of this interconnectedness on human lives across the world is called globalization. Globalization impacts all spheres of life, including the political, economic and the cultural. However, they are closely related and hence a multidimensional approachis required to understand this complex phenomenon. This issue will focus on cultural globalization, as it is closest to the humanities and because the economic and political effects invariably impact the cultural too.

The Text invites original, unpublished research papers in English for the special issue on themes pertaining to, but not limited to the following:

  • Responses to Cultural Globalization
  • Transnationalism
  • Pathways to Development: Modernization vs Westernization
  • Migration, Human trafficking, Refugees
  • Cuisine and Cultural Globalization


Word Limit: 4000-8000 words