Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy Criticism

deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Valerie Estelle Frankel
contact email: 

Hello, everyone. I'm in talks with Rowman & Littlefield to be series editor on a line of academic books critically analyzing elements of Jewish science fiction and fantasy. As such, I’d love some authors with concepts to write about.

At this stage, a paragraph-long proposal emailed to with a subject of JEWISH SPEC-FIC would be great. Here are some examples:


The Secret Jewish Roots of Star Wars (or some other top franchise)

Batwoman to Felicity: Jewish Characters in the Arrowverse

Rewriting the Narrative: Jewish Fairytale Novels

Jewish Alt-History

Kabbalah in Pop Culture

Israeli Dystopian Cinema

The Jewish Outsider as Vampire

Jewish-Flavored Filk

Halacha in Space

Pop Culture Haggadahs

Revising the Big Franchises through Jewish Fanfic

The Works of _______.


I’m looking for topics that haven’t been done to death, so Jews and Comics seems a little too obvious, but most other topics are open. Along with all the subgenres, writing about any mediums (novels, short stories cartoons, webcomics, fanfic, films) and works from any countries/cultures are acceptable. As the examples show, you might go big or small, including a single franchise, author, issue, or genre. Treatment of Jews in science fiction (including by non-Jewish authors) would be acceptable as would something on fandom, current or historical. Interdisciplinary/film criticism/literary criticism/fan studies/minority studies are all welcome. Anthologies are also possible.

I’m also seeking essays for several anthologies that will go in the series. At this point, I don’t have firm topics planned (I might do Jewish representation in SF and F and A Jewish Author’s Perspective, for instance), but you’re welcome to send abstracts and specify that they’re for essay length projects.  

Due date: Both proposals and final project deadlines are quite flexible at this point. Nothing will be due before January 2021.

Questions at are also welcome.