Sindh Antiquities (ISSN: 2617-1996) - Call for Articles:Volume:6,No 1 & 2

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October 15, 2020
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Antiquities Department - Government of Sindh
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Sindh Antiquities–(ISSN: 2617-1996 ) is a scholarly, double-blind peer-reviewed journal, recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, dedicated to the study of History, Archaeology, Museum and Heritage of Sindh & Indus Valley in specific and World in general. The journal published under the patron of Directorate General of Antiquities & Archaeology, Department of Culture, Tourism, Antiquities & Archives, Government of Sindh. It is an effort to share the best research on history, archaeology and heritage and museums. Themes: 1- Excavation of Archaeological sites (Reports) 2- Survey (Reports- techniques) 3- Conservation of site/Building/monuments- (best Practices) 4- Colonization of heritage and museum 5- Numismatics/ Terracotta/Bones (Islamic period- South Asia- Sindh) 6- Museum Management/case Studies 7- History of Sindh 8- Articles related to Antiquities/artefacts (documentation -display in museum) 9- Architecture history (Islamic period- South Asia- Sindh) *Every article should contain Abstract, Reference & Bibliography. Contact Info:Editor-Zahida QuadriSindh Antiquities