Philip K. Dick: His Sources and Inspirations

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September 30, 2020
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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Philip K. Dick:  His Sources and Inspirations


Philip K. Dick (PKD) is indeed one of the major science fiction authors of all time.  His influence on science fiction, whether in book or movie form, is unquestionable.  His name has been absorbed into the public lexicon: “phildickean” describes the uncanny, the uncertain—no doubt used by many who have never read him.  Critics and fans marvel at the artistry of his world construction, subtle thematic analyses and general creativity.  Still, nobody emerges fully formed from Zeus’ head.  What, then, did PKD draw upon?  Not only a voracious reader of science fiction and literature in general, PKD studied several philosophical systems, Eastern and Western, and immersed himself in mysticism, music and poetry.  He was no ascetic, no recluse, but a concrete and involved soul, a friend, husband and parent; PKD was concerned with the politics and ethics and history of his own times.  This panel will delve into the complex origins of PKD, one of the 20th century’s most interesting writers. 


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