Rethinking Humanities and its Entanglements

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August 3, 2020
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Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University Kolkata
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3 Day International Web-Conference 


Rethinking Humanities and its Entanglements

organized by

Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University Kolkata

August 5-7, 2020

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Schedule of the Event

(schedule-timings are mentioned in Indian Standard Time)


DAY 1 (August 05, 2020)

2 pm :                    Inaugural session (total 30 mins) 

Keynote 1:

2.30 pm :              Travelling Towards the Post-Human: An interrogation of the Digital World

Prof. Nigel Wood (Professor of Literature and Head, School of Humanities,

Loughborough University)

Keynote 2:

3.15 pm :              Post-Humanities for the Post-Covid University

Prof. Ankhi Mukherjee (Professor of English and World Literatures, Wadham College,

University of Oxford)

Break 15 minutes

Panel 1 : Aesthetics and the Decolonial

4.15 pm :              Environmental Aesthetics

Dr. Daniela Angelucci (Associate Professor of Aesthetics, University Roma Tre)

4.45 pm:               Catastrophic Realities and Humanities Studies

Dr. Sourit Bhattacharya (Lecturer, Department of English and World Literatures,

University of Glasgow)

5.15 pm                Rethinking the Sublime in Humanities in Contemporary Times

Amrita Bhattacharyya (Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of English Studies and

Research,  Amity University Kolkata)

                                                                                                                                Chair and Discussant : Subro Saha


Session Break [45 mins] : 5.45 pm – 6.30 pm


Panel 2 : Reflections on Diaspora and Comparative Literary Studies

6.30 pm:               Postcolonialism and Diaspora Studies

Prof. Himadri Lahiri (Retd. Professor, Department of English and Culture Studies,

University of Burdwan)

7 pm :                    Lies, Damned Lies, and Covid19: Reflections on Literature and Culture at a

Time of Pandemic

Prof. Samantak Das (Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur


                                                                                                         Chair and Discussant : Dr. Paromita Mukherjee

Conclusion: 7.30 pm




DAY 2 (August 06, 2020)

Keynote 3:

2 pm :                    Thinking through the Knowledge Wars: the Sciences and the Humanities

Dr. Anirban Das (Associate Professor of Cultural Studies, Centre for Studies in Socia

Sciences Calcutta)


Panel 3: Rethinking Humanities and its Outside: Negotiating the Science Question

2.45 pm :              An Outline of a Theory of Embodied Value

Dr. Stefan Ecks (Senior Lecturer of Medical Anthropology, School of Social and Political

Sciences, University of Edinburgh)

3.15 pm :              Narrative Medicalization of the Human Psyche and Literary Modernism

Dr. Arka Chattopadhyay (Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities and Social

Sciences, IIT Gandhinagar)

                                                                                                                Chair and Discussant : Dr. Cecile Malaspina


Session Break [45 mins]: 3.45 pm – 4.30 pm


Panel 4 : Gender,Performance and the Ambiguities of Interpretation

4.30 pm:               Accross Border and Back: The ‘Shuttlecock’ Woman

Prof. Swati Ghosh (Director, Centre of Women Studies & Professor of Economics,

Rabindra Bharati University)

5 pm:                     Connecting to an Intimate Self: Being Humane

Dr. Maroona Murmu (Associate Professor of History, Jadavpur University)

5.30 pm:              The many “truths” of Bowls, Bags and Borders: In Intimate Acts of Crossing

Dr. Debaroti Chakraborty (Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts,

Presidency University)

6 pm:                     The Self and the Other: A Literary Reading on Issues of Gender and Liminality

Dr. Paromita Mukherjee (Assistant Director and Head, Amity Institute of English

Studies and Research, Amity University Kolkata)

                                                                                      Chair and Discussant : Dr. Madhurima Mukhopadhyay

Break 10 mins


6.40 pm – 8 pm : Paper Presentations (Parallel Sessions)




DAY 3 (August 7, 2020)

Keynote 4:

2 pm :                    Could it think, the heart would stop beating: Thinking with Simondon about the

Human animal in times of crisis   

Dr. Cecile Malaspina (Directeur de Programme, College International de Philosophie,

Paris and Visiting Fellow, Kings College London)


Panel 5: Thinking Humanities from the Margins

2.45 pm :              From the Margins of Feminism: Politics of the Dalit Woman

Prof. Ritu Sen Chaudhuri (Professor, Department of Sociology, West Bengal State


3.15 pm :              Without Assembly: Performance and Politics in the Face of Isolation

Dr. Trina Nileena Banerjee (Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, Centre for Studies

in Social Sciences Calcutta)

3.45 pm :              Postcoloniality and the Appropration of Caste: Some Conceptual (Con)tensions

Subro Saha (Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity

University Kolkata)

                                                                                                                                Chair & Discussant : Dr. Anirban Das 

Session Break (45 mins): 4.15 pm - 5 pm


Panel 6 :  Sanglap: critical dialogues on the idea of Humanities

5 pm:                     Special presentation by the Founding Editors of Sanglap: Journal of Literary

and Cultural Inquiry (international peer-reviewed journal, included in UGC-Care List,

indexed by ERIHPLUS,MLA, DOAJ, ProQuest,Worldcat Directories Library of Congress,

British Library, NationalLibrary of Scotland, among others)


5.40 pm -7 pm : Paper Presentations Panels (Parallel Sessions) 

7pm : Vote of Thanks and Conclusion (30 mins)


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