Pride/Sacrifices: Soldier Wives’ Memoirs (1947-2020)

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November 30, 2020
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Dr. Neena Gupta Vij

Pride/Sacrifices: Soldier Wives’ Memoirs (1947-2020)

(Call for Entries for an Anthology)


She cleans the house and pays those bills
And has her moments when all time stands still
With the love in her heart for just one man
She can't help but cry as she looks at her band

She prays someday he'll come home safe from harm
And once again she'll snuggle up in his arms
She speaks to God about her plans and wishes
As she stands and cries while doing dishes

She's trying to hold it together the best that she can
Doing all she can do for the love of just one man


                                                                                        7/17/2008 by Norman Hale Jr.


Being a soldier’s wife is a unique experience. It is a life of constant change, thrill and fear. Resonating within the walls of military quarters or in the isolation of domestic hearth, Soldier’s wives become a community in themselves. While this is a very vibrant and wide-spread community, but it remains mostly unheard and undocumented outside the service groups or journals. Despite belonging to the same community, the individual experience of a woman varies owing to different socio-cultural, religious, regional or occupational background. However what remains in common is the fact and experience of being a soldier’s wife. This compilation focuses on gathering these unique experiences of living the wife of a warrior. Besides, so often, several generations of a family have contributed to the strength and honour of the Defence Forces, choosing the Army, the Navy or the Air Force to join as officers or their wives. There are many stories behind donning the many hats that you learn to wear with such panache. You are invited to share your experiences of any aspect of the life you lived in the services that have made their place in your memory. The following themes are suggestive but they are neither binding nor final:


-        Your experiences as a wife.

-        Your experiences as a mother

-        Your experiences of living in enclosed spaces

-        Your experiences of bringing up the children

-        Experiences of juggling home, job and service protocol

-        The experience of living a retired soldier’s wife

-        Community experience/Feelings of isolation.

-        The opportunities availed and disadvantages suffered because of being so different from a civilian population


While composing this write-up, I would suggest that you focus on yourself, as the centre of the life you are describing, that you have experienced instead of focusing on “the others,” bringing out your own expectations, surprises, fun, struggle, pain, suffering, successes and losses. The form of the write up should be like a memoir, about your life and your experience, which maybe far richer and stranger than any fiction.

The write up should be in English.

Word limit: 2500-5000

Please mention a title at the top followed by your name in the next line.

While sending your write up

Last Date for sending your entries: 30th November, 2020.

Please send your entries on the following email id:  

Neena Gupta Vij

(A Soldier’s wife and Assistant Professor,

Department of English

Central University of Jammu)