Language and Identity in the Arab World: Call for papers for special issue of Language and Identity

deadline for submissions: 
February 1, 2021
full name / name of organization: 
Sandhya Rao Mehta
contact email: 


This anthology of critical essays explores the dynamic and changing relationships between language, culture and identity in the Arab world. It focuses on the Arab world as a real and an imagined community by exploring diverse aspects of language and culture, including linguistic landscapes and their connection to evolving identities among its speakers, its manifestation in sociocultural contexts as well as its religious, ritualistic manifestations. It will investigate the complex and changing interdependencies of culture and language and their impact on established and evolving identities in the larger Arab context, including the Arab diaspora. Focusing on linguistic systems and landscapes, including minority languages, this volume will explore the impact of a rapidly changing region, impacted by demographic changes as well as digital transformations, on its language and culture, as well as its manifestations on language in use across multiple platforms. Focus could be on the Arabian peninsula, Arabic education in multilingual societies and the evolving role of social media in the Arab world.

Themes of focus include [but are not limited to]:

Linguistic landscapes in the Arab world

Minority languages

Language and technology

The role of Arabic in education

Arabic and its role in social media

Migrants’ languages


Submission guidelines:


The chapter should include a title, abstract, keywords (5-7) and use the APA format. The length of each submission should be approximately 8000 words.

Deadline: If interested, please email your intent to publish, along with a tentative title by Sept. 15. The final paper will be due by February 2021.