Due Date Oct. 15!!! CFP Edited Collection: Go Online! Reconfiguring Writing Courses for the New Virtual World

deadline for submissions: 
October 15, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Dr. Laura Gray-Rosendale

Go Online! Reconfiguring Writing Courses for the New Virtual World


edited by Laura Gray-Rosendale and Steven Rosendale


We live in a world where the impetus to teach writing online is no longer just one of convenience or economic necessity. In the era of Covid-19, it has become a public health imperative – one that has begun to foster not only a wave of interesting new practices, but also a variety of questions about the future of writing instruction. This edited collection will feature writers who share their experiences teaching writing at the college level in creative ways in hybrid, blended, and online/remote/virtual environments. For this edited collection, we invite the voices of both very experienced online teachers of writing as well as more novice online teachers. We are interested in both stories of important successes as well as unforeseen problems and difficulties. All essays should reference the latest research in online teaching and writing. We are in conversations with the senior editor at Peter Lang who is interested in issuing a contract for this book.


Please send a brief abstract (250 words) as well as a short biographical statement to Laura.Gray-Rosendale@nau.edu by October 15, 2020. In your abstract and bio document, please include the following, in this order, at the bottom: your job title, your work address, your work telephone number, your home address, your home telephone number, and your email addresses.