REVELAR Journal vol.5 (2020): «Photography-Science-Object»

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September 30, 2020
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REVELAR Journal of Photography and Image Studies
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REVELAR – Journal of Photography and Image Studies is open to works for volume no.5 (2020). This edition, dedicated to the theme Photography-Science-Object, will publish works in the following modalities:
— Scientific papers
— Reviews (on books, essays or photography exhibitions)
— Photo-essays (open to both amateurs and professional photographers)
— Varia

Photography as a scientific product, medium and record, is, from all the human inventions, the one that allows associations with itself and those surrounding it. Photography appropriates objects by recording them; explains and destroys them through the captured image.
Since the announcement of its invention by François Dominique Arago, in 1839, at the French Academy of Science, one of its highlights was its potentiality to register objects. Object as a thing, latu sensu, that could be comprised from the pyramids of Egypt to still life crockery. Such scale, along with the technological development of the photography cameras, widened from the minutest detail of an object: from the cell to the Moon, anything is possible to capture on a plate.
The axis photography-science-object is, thus, so evident as it is complex and problematising throughout the History of Photography, regardless of all its categorical derivations, or its transformations and diversification through other media and broadcast channels. From abstract photography, that cuts-up the object, to macro photography, that tries to capture its composing elements, as well as the inventory records of works of art and archaeology, the axis in discussion allows multiple viewpoints on photography and the photographic image.

The following themes are to be highlighted:
— The abstract photography from the early Photography artistic movements;
— The use of Photography in the scientific studies of medicine and anthropology, namely historical and scientific Breakthroughs as X-ray and imaging techniques as a method to explore the human body;
— The first projects of photographic inventories or the use of photography as museological, historical and heritage record;
— Advertisement photography and the objects of consumption;
— as well as philosophical issues, such as the individual objectification through photography, both the subject and the photographer.

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