'Who is Afraid of the Humanities?': A Podcast

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September 15, 2020
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Thilini Prasadika
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Launched as part of a larger initiative, 'Who is Afraid of the Humanities' is an academic podcast which discusses the passing scene of research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities in different parts of the world. 

In each episode of this podcast, the host interviews students, researchers, academics, activists, and enthusiasts in the field of Arts and Humanities and attempts to highlight the role of Humanities in addressing important and pressing challenges through research, teaching and other academic/activist engagements. 

 The objectives of this podcast are twofold; 1) to call for active intervention within and among diverse fields in the Humanities in a bid to ‘resurrect’ the discipline from decades of institutional and intellectual neglect, and 2) to record and archive academic debates, perspectives, dialogues on research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities and how, in individual/collective/institutionalized ways, the Arts and Humanities students, scholars, activists and enthusiasts attempt to counter this long-standing disciplinary crisis.

The podcast also welcomes anyone who works at the intersection of many disciplines. The episodes are published weekly on a non-monetized YouTube platform. Check out the previous episodes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6meCwmkYFDZzE0RYp1VR-A

 Register your interest here: https://forms.gle/4GxsEwwit3gUvP6Z7

*This is an individual project and not affiliated to any institute or organization.