Early American Women's Writing and the Revolutionary Legacy

deadline for submissions: 
September 25, 2020
full name / name of organization: 
Kaitlin Tonti/Seton Hall University
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Over the past few decades, the vast early American field has recognized the significance of women’s writing in the formation of an early American history and culture. Through their letters, diary entries, and commonplace books, just to name a few, early American women have demonstrated their participation in the political and social movements that were essential to the country’s founding. Therefore, this panel seeks submissions that considers how eighteenth, and nineteenth American women’s writing contributed to the history and mythology of the founding moment in Philadelphia. Literature will be broadly interpreted and include poetry, fiction, essays, diaries, and letters. The founding moment will also be considered broadly to include early American women’s interpretations of founding events, such as individual battles during the war, or the history and/or mythology surrounding individuals integral to the moment, such as George Washington. Writings by women of various creeds, races, and ethnicities is encouraged and considered.

Please send a proposal and short CV to Kaitlin Tonti at ktonti2@gmail.com. The deadline for submissions is September 25th.